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Maximum Entertainment

At MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT, we blend a passion for music, online video & audio and innovation to transform the entertainment landscape.

We empower artists with tailored education, promotion, and monetization solutions.


Through partnerships we facilitate online video and audio experiences online. Furthermore, we partner to create unique immersive event concepts. And we utilize AI-powered marketing to extend the reach of artists, events, and brands.

Revolutionizing entertainment, we craft experiences that elevate audiences to the pinnacle of enjoyment, and artists to the best of their potential, all across the Americas and parts of Europe.

Welcome to the MAXIMUM Audience Experience.

Key Activities


Empowering Latino /
Hispanic DJ Talent

Crafting Unique
Entertainment  Experiences

Accelerating AI Power Marketing Creativity


DJ Talent Support

Our flagship project is SOMNIA, which entails efforts to help Latino/Hispanic DJ-producers with education, promotion and monetization of their music and their performances.

Event Creation & Management

In partnership with Dutch-Mexican company ORANGE JUIZZE we strive to develop for artists and business clients unique entertainment event experiences, either across The Americas, but also in parts of Europe

AI Powered Marketing

The AI revolution is enabling tools and processes to provide creative solutions faster and more efficient.

The AI powered marketing services are provided via MAXIMAIZE Marketing.


Playing around with the idea for a podcast? Seeking great DJ's for your next event? Or wondering about a new party or event concept?

Talk with us and we gladly are your sparring partner for Maximum Entertainment!

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